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Are your people your people?

How to make sure you’re hiring brand advocates

Becoming an employer of choice helps your business attract and retain the best talent.

A strong employer brand has your company stand out from the crowd, creating a positive and desirable workplace for both the current people working in your organisation and potential candidates.

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is, rather it’s what people think it is.”

This means your employer brand actually belongs to your employees. It’s their collective perception of what it is like to work at your company.

It’s a reflection of your culture and values.

Here are some ways to create a strong employer brand to attract top talent and cement your place as an employer of choice.

Find the right fit

Recruiting the right people requires knowing who you are, what you stand for and why. A clear employer brand helps organisations identify the key attributes to look for in their potential candidates.

Remember: it’s your staff who create the organisation’s culture and bring your employee brand to life.

Define your EVP

Much like a business’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) must also be unique, relevant and compelling to attract the best talent.

Your EVP should inform the policies, processes and programs that demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to your brand values. It should come to life every day through all your staff so that it becomes an entrenched part of your employer brand.

Follow a top-down approach

It’s essential that the company’s leadership and management fully support your employer brand. They must be willing to walk the walk by implementing policies and actions that actively demonstrate your brand’s values.

So, for example, if your organisation values ‘fairness’ then this belief must be actively demonstrated by everyone.


Tell your staff explicitly what kind of workplace your business wants to offer and back it up by actions. That way, your employees will be more likely to endorse your organisation as a great place to work. This will help you cement your employer brand and help build your reputation as an employer of choice.

Pique their imagination

Providing opportunities for current staff to endorse your business as a great place to work can assist your desired candidates with their decision to come on board your company.

This is because companies that make it easy for candidates to imagine themselves working there have an advantage over their competitors. When candidates get a taste of your company culture through blog posts, videos, photos and even social media they have a better understanding of your employee brand and how it comes to life.

Live up to expectations

Organisations that live up to their promises and deliver a consistent experience to employees will develop a strong employer brand. This makes it easier to both attract and retain top talent.


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