Case Study – Aquabliss

Making swimming essential again

Aquabliss have a vision of making learning to swim relevant again, by placing swim schools in new, high-growth locations across Sydney and NSW.

Consequently, they needed to establish a cut-through brand that would make swimming lessons relevant for all ages and skill levels.

The thinking

uberbrand worked with Aquabliss to understand contemporary attitudes towards swimming and the competitive market environment, as swimming competes with other activity options.

Using the insights gathered, we used our brand model to develop an aspiration around unlocking potential for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

The outcome

Using the brand aspiration to inform creative we developed a communications narrative and corporate identity that would appeal to a broad audience.

The Result

A vibrant identity that communicates a premium, boutique feel but also cuts-through in the competitive market.

Since launch, Aquabliss has grown from 2 to 7 swim schools across Sydney and NSW and become one of the most recognised industry leaders in its category.

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