Case Study – Bridge Consulting

Specialisation in a shifting market

Bridge is a specialist management consulting firm that provides advice and implementation services combining their business and IT expertise.

As the consulting industry experienced a shift in value from advisory to support, the new market required a ‘pragmatic’ value. Trust underpins the industry and trust translates confidence, confidence built through brand, relationships and track record.

Digitisation was shifting the market from an advisory to support role and Bridge Consulting needed to find their sweet spot.

Unifying Bridge

Bridge required a brand to create alignment whilst maintaining and driving growth. This could enable the whole company to be unified in their vision, open conversations, spread relationships and share the load. The relationships were over-indexed and track record was strong, however the brand wasn’t delivering as well as it could.

Conducting Research

As part of the rebrand and repositioning of Bridge, uberbrand conducted interviews and brand research in order to define the new brand strategy and value proposition.

Bridge Consulting Device Anamatic

Through the rebrand the individual’s equity needed to shift into the brands to align the comms and deliver a consistent experience. These findings were then translated into a strategy, communications guide, visual identity and supporting collateral including implementing a digital stack and customer experience that reflected this new positioning.

Since going to market, Bridge has enjoyed rapid success as it wins business away from traditional incumbent providers.

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