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When trust is everything

The global financial crisis heralded a new era for financial services firms. In this new era, trust is everything.

When UBS decided to exit the Australian wealth management market, its management team saw the opportunity to buy it out, creating the largest local, privately-owned, wealth management brand.

But how do you transfer all the heritage and trust of a global brand into a brand new entity?

That was the question posed to uberbrand, with the new management team giving uberbrand just a single week to determine the strategy, name, and brand identity for the new company.

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The birth of Crestone

After conducting a brand workshop, uberbrand teased out the value proposition and used it as a platform to create the new name.

Working fast to come up with a powerful name that was imbued with meaning and could act as a vessel to convey the heritage of the original company.

“Crest”, such as one you’d wear on a badge to signify your membership to a desirable club; and “stone”, to signify depth of relationships, combined to form a portmanteau: and Crestone was born.

In that following week, uberbrand created a logo and brand identity as well as the Crestone name, which were all rolled out into content and communications throughout the start-up phase.

The brand was launched into market in 2016 and today continues to mature as one of Australia’s leading wealth management brands.

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Brand research, brand strategy, brand architecture & brand portfolio, value proposition development and brand naming.


Logo development, visual identity systems, brand guidelines, brand management, collateral production and rollout.


Communication strategy, communication guidelines, tone of voice systems, key content, taglines & external positioning, brand narratives & stories, copywriting and content creation.

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