Case Study – Domain Insure

Domain Insure is the sub-brand from Domain which brings the much-loved property site to the property insurance market. We were tasked with building the Domain Insure brand that would reinforce Domain’s love of property whilst staking their claim in the property insurance market.

The challenge

Taking a well-known brand into a new market requires the need to build trust and demonstrate commitment. Positioning Domain Insure competitively and confidently they not only were a better option but also the more affordable insurer.

The proposition

Appealing to the ‘savvier individual’ Domain insure applies its passion for property to protect what’s truly worth protecting. Domain Insure says ‘We make sure your property is protected through simple, fast and precise process that helps you answer the difficult questions. Why? Because you value what you love’.

The creative 

Providing assurance of the right insurance, Domain Insure brings you forms that fill out themselves, insurance optimised by your needs and “certainty you’re covered? Sure”.

‘Sure’ as a platform provides consistency through positive affirmation to difficult questions and circumstances. Reinforcing Domain’s passion for property and now, assurance of providing the right insurance.

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