Unlocking their unlimited potential

Insurance technology company, Entsia, came to uberbrand with a need to start communicating in a way that expresses their uniqueness in a crowded space.


Entsia allows insurance providers to reach more clients through a flexible platform with innumerable applications.

Our strategy team encapsulated this quality and capability through the concept of “Unlimited” as a brand essence.

Visual Identity

Following this thinking, a dynamic visual device was designed using shapes found in the existing logo.

A colour palette was created to strike a balance – between tech company and personal service, professional yet approachable –  using “pinkle”, a bold choice to differentiate the brand.

Verbal Identity

The revised communications style also took on a bold approach, with segmented messaging that steered the brand away from long, over-complicated copy.

Finally, the tagline “Reach Further” was developed, literal enough to be understood at a glance, yet still with a creative, aspirational element.

The Results

Entsia now looks, feels and sounds like a disruptive force in the insurance technology space.

With offices in Australia and Singapore, and the potential to roll out into global markets, the sky isn’t even the limit for Entsia in their growth journey.


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