Digital customer innovation

Extending service

With two of the most read mastheads under their portfolio, Fairfax was looking for a new way to engage cafe owners and their patrons.

They needed a campaign that boosted digital subscriptions, while being easy to apply and adopt.

Fairfax Website

Driving digital conversions

Working with Fairfax uberbrand helped develop a new product, specifically for cafes called ‘’ in Sydney and ‘’ in Melbourne.

Fairfax then needed to build awareness amongst cafe owners and drive conversions.

A campaign was needed to showcase the benefits of an annual digital subscription over the traditional and widely used paper option.

Cafe owners needed to be made aware of direct benefits of subscribing, as well as improving their customer experience.

For the cafe owner the benefit was straightforward – cut down on costs while delivering a more rich and immersive experience.

Customers on the other hand, now had the freedom to read articles on the masthead without article limits or blocked content.

Unlimited, unblocked content

uberbrand designed marketing collateral and launched a bespoke page that streamlined the adoption process.

This helped draw customer’s attention to the freedom to read the newspaper by simply connecting to the cafe WiFi.

Fairfax Brochure

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