Case Study – GLG

Brilliance in Brand Design and Launch

A heritage brand, GLG (formerly Gerard Lighting and a long list of subsidiary companies) came to uberbrand with a need to reorganise and refresh their communications through a rebrand.


Our strategy team saw that Gerard Lighting had a brand architecture problem. With a huge portfolio of sub-brands all communicating separately, their marketing was chaotic and confusing.

Following our hallmark strategic process, uberbrand advised Gerard Lighting to communicate as GLG (an acronym for Gerard Lighting Group), creating a new brand.

Verbal Communications

The tagline “See things differently” was developed, both a nod towards the company changes for the future and a statement about innovation.

In order to find coherence with many brands unified as one, key audiences were mapped and narratives created to speak to their differing needs while telling the GLG story.

Visual Communications

Our design team devised GLG’s visual identity from the ground up, complete with dynamic logo and a visual device incorporating a fresh photographic style.

For the internal and external launch, collateral was created to engage audiences, as well as video content that saw GLG take off with a bang.

The Results

After a successful launch, GLG now communicate as one – Australia and New Zealand’s leading lighting group.

Continuing to innovate as they follow a solutions-based as opposed to a product-based model, the future looks bright for GLG.

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