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IP Australia is the sole government body responsible for administering intellectual property rights and legislation.

With a wide and diverse audience internally and externally, IP Australia needed a refreshed and meaningful brand identity to help transform itself across all touchpoints.

IP Australia Icon Banner
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The thinking

By mapping customer types, uberbrand created a brand architecture that allowed people to connect with IP Australia no matter the stage of their IP understanding.

Taking a lead from the brand architecture, a visual and verbal brand were developed. The outputs help IP Australia to communicate meaningfully with each audience group – heroing the organisation’s vital role in facilitating innovation.

The outcome

The identity has been applied across all IP Australia’s key touchpoints including a customer centric website and tools.

IP Australia Statement
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IP Australia Brand Guidelines
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Brand strategy and value proposition development.


Visual identity systems, brand guidelines, brand management, collateral production and rollout.


Digital design.


Communication strategy, communication guidelines, tone of voice systems, key content, taglines & external positioning, brand narratives & stories, copywriting and content creation.


Production services.

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