Disrupting Inertia

Cutting through

The energy industry profits from consumption and customer inertia: very few people examine their power bills closely and spend time researching options.

With energy prices continually rising, there was no real alternative. This created a perfect storm for Mojo Power, a digitally focused start-up that aims to give power back to energy customers.

With ambitions of a true disruptor, like Airbnb or Uber, Mojo is disconnected from an industry that profits from consumption.

The proposition is simple – source the best wholesale energy prices for customers in exchange for a flat fee.

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Onto something big

Knowing they were onto something big, Mojo’s engaged uberbrand to set up the proposition and culture from the beginning.

Set up for success

uberbrand conducted brand research, workshops that influenced the creation of Mojo’s brand story and brand identity.

Brand for disruption

We needed to come up with a brand strategy, brand name and brand identity that would cut through in a market where consumers are fatigued and distrustful.

Our processes defined the brand value proposition and drove a naming exercise where we landed on Mojo Power with the tagline, “It’s energy, with benefits”.

Dan Ratner, managing director, uberbrand, said, “uberbrand loves working with start-ups because we build a brand identity and make it grow. Mojo Power went from a standing start to winning thousands of customers in just 12 months. We helped it simplify the conversation and cut through the noise to find a story that resonates strongly.”

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Brand research, brand strategy, brand architecture & brand portfolio, value proposition development and brand naming.

Logo development, visual identity systems, brand guidelines & brand management, collateral production and rollout.

Ideation & innovation, digital design and multi-platform development.

Communication strategy, communication guidelines, tone of voice systems, key content, taglines & external positioning, brand narratives & stories, copywriting and content creation.

Campaign creative ideation.

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