A brand story told by real clients


Montefiore – a not-for-profit care services provider who truly go the extra mile for their clients – sought uberbrand’s help to get the message out about their brand. Our task was to create engaging videos through a fresh marketing approach.


Each sub-brands video would need to have its own character, yet align to the overarching idea: ‘There is more to the Montefiore Experience – because there is more to you and ME’.  

To bring this idea to life, our creative team invited the audience to not only get to know some unique individuals but also what makes Montefiore so special as care providers. By focusing on the consumer and benefit, rather than product and sales speak, our videos would feel authentic and inspiring 


We were welcomed into the homes of clients, to interview them among treasured objects and personal surrounds to deepen each story. Interviewing clients and staff, to tell real stories of how  Montefiore allows these characters to live life to the fullest, on their terms, through care as individual as you are: the brand’s tagline.  

The result

The content pieces are touching windows into the lives of diverse members of the Montefiore community. In fact, the video series was so successful and treasured that Montefiore asked us to create a second run. This gave us the opportunity to expand the narrative even further, by bringing family, additional staff and innovative environments into the picture.  

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