Case Study – Mortgage Choice

The challenge

Getting financing for property in Australia is no easy feat. Even with government incentives, banks are responding to Royal Commission requirements, leaving many Australian’s unable to finance their homes through the means of a bank.

With it being easier than ever to apply for a loan but harder than ever to succeed, many Australian’s are turning to the alternatives; mortgage brokers. With more interest than ever in mortgage brokers, Mortgage Choice approached uberbrand looking to improve their market share and take advantage of the industry boom.

The Brief

The brief was to grow consumer awareness and consideration for the brand – as consumers shift to using brokers it was important to not only ask ‘why a broker’ but also answer ‘why choose a Mortgage Choice broker’.

Mortgage Choice needed a campaign that shifted perception from a ‘good option’ to the ‘best option’ to obtain financing.

The Solution

We positioned Mortgage Choice as the ‘family GP of finances’; knowledgeable, skilled, and above all, trustworthy. We communicated this key brand message through clever metaphors, allowing us to be playful and even a little cheeky.

We embodied the cliché idea of the awkward ‘dad jokes’ to break down the stigma that attaining property finance is needlessly difficult, positioning Mortgage Choice as the welcoming, affable option.

The outcome

Mortgage brokers throughout the network are proud of Mortgage Choice’s campaign, pleased it sheds positive light on their industry and highlights them as a positive pathway to property financing.

The campaigns creative tells the important story of how the network of Australian property brokers are driven to get you the best, fairest outcomes, so ‘every Australian can prosper’.

Standing Out

Cut through creative leads the campaign to stand out on radio and tv, launching a new brand identity and breathing new life into Mortgage Choice whilst providing the brand the opportunity to evolve further in the future.


Team Credits: Jess Page, Paul Alexander, Chesa Ruta, Bec Stegh, Amber Fairbain

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