Case Study – Naked Sheets

Naked Sheets approached us while still in the product development stage. Their ambitious creator, owner, figure-head and driving force had a fantastic vision.

We stepped in to help getting her communicate everything she wanted it to be.

A process of self-discovery

Naked Sheets came to uberbrand as a concept with a few standout details. The first was the passion of the founder, a young woman who travelled the world to find what she was looking for. The second, to make a positive impact with a strong focus on sustainable and responsible processes.


Owning a space

The founder might have set out on her journey in the interest of quality, following too many sweaty night’s sleep. But in doing so, what became increasingly important was producing the sheets in an ethical way. From paying workers fair wages, to using sustainable materials like eucalyptus and partnering with philanthropic organisations – there was a clear pattern here.

We helped Naked Sheets realise that the growing philanthropic nature should be absolutely central to the brand strategy.

Naked Sheets has gone on to partner with WaterAid to bring communities in need access to drinking water and hygiene.

NAKED SHEETS Street Poster

Visual Identity: looking the part

A brand challenging an industry, led by a young woman with a lot of drive and a big personality needed visuals to match.

Designs were developed that embodied the fresh strategy, complete with refined logo, visual devices, photography style and colour palate.


Verbal Identity: talking the walk

We developed a new tagline to encapsulate the Naked Sheets mentality of edge meets positive impact: Sleep Easy.

This was consolidated by a full Communications Guide with Tone of Voice, audiences, key messages and sample narratives.

The Result

Following the initial collaboration with uberbrand, Naked Sheets has had tremendous success with their crowdfunding campaign.

They’ve eclipsed their initial $35,000 goal, having raised over $100,000 to bring their dream of helping more people Sleep Easy to life.


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