Case Study – Regnan

Born from academia at Monash University, Regnan delivers highly regarded research and stewardship services built from a concern of value destruction attributable to poor corporate governance. Regnan found themselves at the crossroads of academic rigour and commercial application – The perfect time for a rebrand.

As we have worked with Pendal Group in the past, we started our process by defining the optimal space for Regnan in context to Pendal Group, its brands and its market.

The Responsible Investment category is a global movement and is constantly evolving and redefining itself, with definitions varying across organisations. Regnan is on the cutting edge of redefining standards for commercialising Impact investing.

From Scratch

To build a new brand story we started from ground up – undertaking a full rebrand. From the idea of being the driving force that’s shifting the investment landscape the logo and visual identity is breaking standards in itself.

A Fresh Approach

Across Regnan’s logo to colours and photography treatment there is nothing expected in this rebrand, especially considering the conservative nature of the industry and its competitors.

Whilst public awareness has started a shift in favour of sustainable investment paths, Regnan is defining the road to impact investing. Our global rebrand takes Regnan, a company with the ability to make real change, and enables it to reach further and spread wider in its effort to make a difference whilst building strong returns.

Regnan reflects everything it’s setting out to do, because the future belongs to everyone. Regnan’s a brand that should get everyone excited for the change they can make in the world, without it being at the expense of our investment returns.

The Results

Regnan has already achieved improved engagement practices for ASX listed companies, 1 of 3 global first tier UN royal Awards for RI as well as improved outcomes for Pendal Group’s clients.

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