Case Study - Studiosity

A sharper focus

YourTutor was founded in the early 2000’s, on the premise that students should have easy access to affordable and quality educational support.

They achieve this through partnerships with public libraries, schools and higher education institutions in Australia and the UK.

However, with the increase in demand of services in the higher education sector and a desire to have a better customer experience a conflict within the name itself arose. While tutoring is an essential part of YourTutor, it isn’t the crux of what they do.

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Connecting the dots

Teaming up with YourTutor, uberbrand helped YourTutor define their brand strategy, through brand led research and workshops.

This served as a platform to create a refreshed brand that stayed true to its past while being a beacon for the future.

The quality of being studious

Consequently, Studiosity was born. A brand that focused on connecting the dots in order to help students learn and grow. Enabling them to find that spark, that lightbulb moment and being supportive in their moments of need by building their confidence.

This new brand identity was then applied to across the organisation. From corporate stationary and digital material, to a revised visual and verbal identity that encapsulated these new values.

Read more about the launch on their blog

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