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Leading national law-firm, Turner Freeman, worked with uberbrand to create and roll out a major campaign designed to shake up category norms associated with the legal industry. Building on deep insights, a fresh creative approach was developed and applied across channels, spearheaded by an impactful TVC.

Turner Freeman engaged uberbrand to build a distinctive campaign from the ground up. We needed to break convention within a market that relies heavily on direct marketing tactics, along with one-dimensional calls-to-action.

Unearthing market and audience insights

Deep category and consumer insights were established to inform a distinctive campaign identity and creative direction. Reviewing the category norms, we uncovered certain visual and verbal cues that law firms tend to use (and use and use…) in their marketing.

Visually, we saw that legal advertising almost always features either lawyers themselves or legal instruments, perhaps to demonstrate authority. This then tends to be supported by messaging in a similar vein, with language following an “on your side”, “us vs. them” approach.

Both of these trends focused on the legal firm, rather than on the people they serve. There was little in the way of language empowering the individual. So, we saw this as interesting, relevant and powerful territory to work within.

An audience-related insight further cemented this strategy. We discovered that many people in the position to file a legitimate legal claim don’t do so, as the foreseen stress seems like more than the process is worth. This effect on emotional and even physical wellbeing not only applies to the person considering a lawyer, but also their families.

Strategy guiding the creative idea

Our goal wasn’t just to appeal to Australians considering the need for legal support right now. We sought to strengthen the brand and build long-term awareness and understanding by communicating the underlying strength of the service. In doing so, we’d show that Turner Freeman aren’t just experts in law, but have a deep and nuanced understanding of the personal nature of being involved in situations in which legal advice becomes necessary.

If we could speak to our audience on a human level, we would communicate a unique position for Turner Freeman. So, we set out to develop a creative platform addressing the stress associated with being involved in legal action. We would spotlight the role that a law-firm should play in helping to share the burden and provide hope in situations that can often seem insurmountable.

When something bad happens, life keeps going without caring about your problems; this is the emotional situation that most people looking for legal support find themselves in. And this understanding would provide the framework upon which we’d build our creative and communications.

Turner Freeman Billboard
Turner Freeman Poster Image

An invigorated tagline and visual language

We needed to both inspire our audience to pursue the legal process and inspire confidence from them in choosing Turner Freeman. Thus “Take Action”, our new tagline, was born. A play on legal jargon, “Take Action” is also a powerful CTA, embodying a confident tone of voice. In two short words, we encapsulated our over-arching mission: to give every Australian hope that no matter what challenge life throws their way, Turner Freeman is determined to fight for them.

The same message was communicated through a newly developed visual language. Contrary to norms within the legal sector, we would not show lawyers or legal instruments like gavels in our campaign. Instead, hands of a person wearing a suit would be used as a metonym for legal professionals.

We would also avoid showing people in hard situations or the hard situations themselves, enabling us to encapsulate all 7 different practice areas allocated. This would allow us to approach hardships delicately, using intelligence over melodrama. Furthermore, the tact meant that we could speak to not only the person potentially making a claim, but their family as well.

Turner Freeman Twitter Profile
Turner Freeman Facebook Profile

Advertising going against the grain

Our TVC campaign execution provided the basis from which all other content and collateral was created. Using an impactful stop-motion approach, the videos demonstrated what can happen to people’s lives when something major happens.

They showed how people’s lives tend to stagnate, while things get pushed aside and start to stack up. These symbolic images included dirty dishes, the lawn not getting mowed, bills going unpaid and relationships with loved ones becoming fraught. As we reach the conclusion of the story, people are prompted to “take action” and share the burden of the mounting pressure. Only in the closing scene do we see just the hands of a Turner Freeman lawyer, rolling up their sleeves and helping.

Rolling out the campaign

Beginning with the first of two TVCs, the campaign also included 15, 10 and 6 second digital and social executions, 30 second radio advertisements, high-impact bus formats and extensive digital display assets, along with a suite of accompanying brand and product literature.

Building on deep insights, they delivered a fresh creative approach across platforms, while building a brand for performance – with both immediacy and longevity.

uberbrand Campaign for Turner Freeman
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