Aligning strategy to tactics

As part of the Suncorp Group, Vero brings insurance to businesses through brokers. uberbrand has worked extensively with Vero to help increase brand awareness, understanding and preference among brokers and SMEs in a competitive and intermediated market.

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Advantage through insight

In an environment of change, with digitisation, generational shifts and increasing regulatory oversight, the way SMEs select insurance has evolved. It means that brands participating in the insurance value chain need to demonstrate increased value to their customers and audiences.

Therefore, communicating and campaigning Vero has relied on market insights – with two key findings underpinning direction:

– An emerging generation of SME business owners buy their insurance in different ways
– Many are chronically underinsured

Accordingly, as SME owners forgo the help of insurance brokers, they risk running their business without sufficient coverage.

Developing the strategy

The direction was for Vero to play the role in reestablishing broker relevance among SMEs, thereby opening up pathways to increased preference and loyalty.

By giving them tools to help their clients, Vero would hero the insurance broker, thus supporting them throughout their business processes.

And by undertaking highly targeted B2B/C campaigns, Vero closed the loop, focusing on business owners to help drive pull through while supporting brokers.

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Protecting success

The campaign platform “Protect your success” reinforced choosing Vero as an essential business decision, applicable to both Vero’s broker and SME audiences.

This creative platform lead to a range of extensible content, campaigns, tools and events, utilising internal data to deliver services that continually demonstrated value at all levels. Activities were specifically designed to help brokers deliver great customer experiences for their clients.

Insurance data inherent to the organisation (internally and externally) informed the creation of proprietary tools that support brokers. This delivered a platform for Vero to actively participate in the brand in a way that was useful.

Simultaneously, SME-focused activity highlighting ‘Unsung Heroes’ recognised the crucial work done behind the scenes in ensuring the success of celebrated organisations – much like Vero’s function as a business insurer.

The result of this two-pronged approach raised awareness at SME level and preference at broker level, meaning the latter was more likely to recommend Vero, while customers were made more receptive to the recommendation.

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The results

Ongoing campaign work continues to show effectiveness across several key markers of Brand Performance, measured by:

  • Prompted Awareness, growing by 82%.
  • Brand Health increased with broker tool use growing by 240%, year on year.
  • A 6-point NPS score jump over one year.

By forming a strategy based on insights about their audience and market, Vero has been able to build and exercise an enduring brand, compelling to a wider audience. Leveraging insights still further has enabled Vero to create practical tools that bolster brand while delivering compelling short-term results.

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