Case Study – WHWilliams

Specialist brands with broad scope

WHWilliams is a leading manufacturer in Sydney. Over three generations and 60 years, WHWilliams has been providing a range of sheet metal engineering services across a broad base of customers.

As demand continues to expand across different customer segments, WHWilliams has responded with new products and services. However, the diversity of customer segments and their demands had potential to fragment and cannibalise opportunity.

To combat this threat, WH Williams engaged uberbrand to develop an approach that provided scope and service for different customer segments. With new specialist brands developed to provide specific services to each segment, according to their requirements.

Readjusting to market demand

WHWillams was retained as the go-to-market brand for the groups traditional customer base and Williams United was created to provide specialised services for its bourgeoning business in high value procured contracts, especially for its mining and government clients.

As part of its innovation drive, Williams3D was created to provide fast prototyping services to expand both its ongoing client base and attract new customers.

Innovation, growth & entrepreneurial flair

Together under its brand portfolio, WHWilliams can provide different services that meet the unique needs of its very different customers.

In 2013, WHWilliams was awarded Best Medium Sized Business at the 2013 ActionCOACH My Business Awards. The award demonstrated innovation, novelty, growth, creativity matched to brand values, and entrepreneurial flair.

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