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So creative was strategic after all!

How uberbrand is bringing the future of the creative agency industry forward.

As the industry continues to blur the lines between strategy, consulting and the delivery of creative, agencies have struggled to keep up. Meanwhile, uberbrand has been operating in a way that marries the three since it was established six years ago.

Dan Ratner, founder and Managing Director, uberbrand, said, “I could see a time when clients would truly value a strategic approach. That’s why we put strategy at the centre and drive creative development around it. Having a strong strategic rationale is what links communications objectives to creative platforms. It’s the way you end up with beautiful design, clever taglines and big ideas. To get there you need to take an approach that leverages brand to drive communications.”

“When I started uberbrand, I knew the industry was on the cusp of change. It’s good to see it putting greater emphasis on a more integrated approach. Even management consultancies like Accenture, PwC and Deloitte making inroads into the communications industry; PwC’s appointment of Russel Howcroft and Accentures’ recent acquisition of the Monkeys (and Maud); all helps to validate our approach.”

When Dan Ratner founded uberbrand in 2011, his mission was to integrate strategic organisational thinking into communications. This means uberbrand works with businesses to ensure their vision and purpose are aligned and translated into their brand. Ultimately it becomes the foundation for creative that drives communications and customer experience.

Dan Ratner said “We don’t have departments, it’s about strategic people being creative and creative people being strategic. With this in mind we formulated a model that works and we designed uberbrand around the approach. Working this way keeps the client in focus, with their objectives clear in the process, setting a framework that ensures strategy doesn’t get lost in the creative.”

uberbrand has grown quickly, servicing clients across the transport, health, education, media, finance, and insurance industries. From top ASX100 companies through to FinTech start-ups, uberbrand focuses on a process rather than vertical industries, which is illustrated by its diverse client base.

uberbrand successfully applies its model of brand led communications across clients such as Suncorp, Vero and Asteron Life, TAFE NSW, SFI Health and its family of brands including Flordis, Fairfax, Aussie, Equifax, Cuscal, Prospa, Mojo Power, Crestone, Busways, Macquarie Telecom, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Charles Sturt University, Pacific West, Pureprofile, TIMG, and Kelly+Partners amongst others.


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