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The Task

Australians with disabilities now have unprecedented choice when it comes to choosing service providers, as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This development created a new environment in which disability services providers need to differentiate themselves in ways that have never been necessary before.

Strategy & Identity

New Horizons has provided disability services for more than 50 years and needed to refresh its brand to put the enterprise at the forefront of the industry. So, it engaged uberbrand to help make sense of the organisation’s brand, its architecture, visual identity, website, and brand communication.


Among other work, uberbrand encapsulated the essence of New Horizons’s offering through a powerful online tool that lets people understand how well they are and where they may need help.

uberbrand created an interactive, intuitive tool that lets people of all ability levels gauge their own reactions to certain questions. The tool then identifies areas where that person may need support, helping them take control of their own journey and get the support they need most. The simple-yet-elegant design delivers autonomy back to people with disabilities who may not be able to easily interact with other types of questionnaires.

uberbrand worked with New Horizons across all of its branding needs, with the wellness tool being just one example of the outstanding outcomes the partnership has delivered.

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