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Helping Versent tap into the power of the cloud through the launch of Stax. Established in 2014 by former NAB employees, Versent quickly became an AWS premier consulting partner

Positioning the brand

By 2016, they had expanded their offering and launched Stax, a new tool designed to assist enterprises with their cloud capabilities. As the business grow, it recognised the need for a visual identity that elevated Stax as a trusted brand.


Stax allows customers to master the cloud with increased control of their AWS environments, and the confidence to deploy faster and smarter. We built the brand around the idea of ‘Mastery,’ and captured the essence of this idea in the creation of our CVP: ‘Accelerate with Stax – the only Native AWS Cloud Management Platform.’

We pulled the concept of ‘mastery’ across the visual identity, using crafted grids to instil order and confidence. By embedding elements of structure, security, and speed, we have developed a technology brand that empowers the future.

We developed a brand system that effectively communicated Waveconn’s progressive nature and adaptabilities, with a strong focus on the core sentiment of a ‘Connected Future.’

Our deliverables included a custom wordmark to complement the distinctive new name, and a colour palette that showcased a range of tones. The new system encompassed strategic elements such as positioning, tone of voice, messaging, and guidelines.

Engaging IT decision makers across the sales funnel

We took STAX to market across APAC utilising an always-on, full funnel approach – primarily through LinkedIn – and by leveraging Versent’s extensive customer database. This enabled us to segment audiences and tailor our messaging to specific IT decision-makers at various stages of the sales cycle. This strategic approach ensured that we engaged prospects consistently, building awareness, generating leads, and nurturing relationships throughout the entire customer journey. 

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