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Turbocharging Your B2B Digital Brand IQ

  • - By uberbrand

Staying one step ahead of digital development has never been more crucial than today, with digital developers already taking advantage of the opportunities. If you’re planning to navigate this increasingly tricky landscape then look no further.


More Choice

The migrating digital landscape means a huge increase in competition amongst B2B businesses, and so too must your branding adapt. You can no longer rely on differentiation based on specifications or pricing, alongside the legacy operators typically can’t compete with start-up pricing. As digital transformation opens your clientele to a world of fresh choices, defining your competitive advantage is vital. What’s your point of difference? Are you representing an industry expert, a beacon of innovation? Do you have an ambitious work culture or something different entirely? These analogue assets are what make all the difference when facing digitisation.


Different Buyer’s-Journey

Yet as digitisation remains apace, so too has this landscape enabled savvy consumers to make better and more informed decisions. A report by Gartner has exposed how 27% of time spent during the B2B buyer’s-journey is dedicated simply to independent research. What does this mean? that close to a third of your brand and consumer’s perceptions of it are out of your control. What should you do? Firstly, make sure so optimise what you can control – whether that’s your SEO, SEM, brand-infused messaging, or otherwise. And secondly, look to foster positive relationships with industry commentators, journalists, and spokespeople – these external forces outside the relative purview of your direct control are able to build much-needed brand-equity for you provided you nurture them.


Higher B2B Customer Expectations

Another digital hurdle B2B companies must overtake is the paradoxical needs and wants of the most important customer base, Millennials and Gen Z. Both generations are driven by convenience, yet demand brands that aligned with their values. In short, they want the speed of delivery only achievable through automation, but also crave the authenticity that comes with a business that has a human touch. Toeing the line between automated and personalised operations is something that must be  constantly managed to appeal to this very important sector of your market.


Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces represent the last frontier for many B2B brands, with many yet to jump in. whilst surprisingly few B2B businesses venture into online marketplaces, this platform comes with its unique challenges. Having another company, for all intents and purposes, represent your brand, requires you to release control over a very large slice of your customers’ experience. Maintaining and build brand-equity whilst having an online presence that likely involves a third-party online marketplace is a puzzle to solve to succeed in this field.


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