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Is what makes you different making the difference?

Getting cut-through in an increasingly crowded and dynamic marketplace requires a strong brand that clearly demonstrates what sets you apart from the competition.

The first hurdle many brands face when communicating their difference is understanding what it is that actually makes them different in the first place.

This may be surprising but consider this: Is there any part of your business that can’t be replicated? For example, energy drinks give you energy; watches tell the time; and cars get you from A to B. What beyond the category are you truly known for?

Understanding what makes you different can help drive competitive advantage, consideration and choice.

Your differentiation is more than what you offer or what you do. It’s the part of your brand that sets direction beyond your products or services. Thinking about what makes your brand different helps broaden the conversation, leading to stronger emotional connections with your people and your customers.

In a highly competitive environment it’s important to ensure everything you do reinforces who and what you are. Therefore, always look for and consider ways you can demonstrate your difference so your brand can offer greater value than its function alone.

Defining what makes you different helps provide a context for products and services

This benefits your brand and gets people on the same page by explaining why you do what you do – giving them a great reason to choose you over your competition.

To get to your real point of differentiation, you often have to think back to why your business began in the first place. Do you know what that reason was?

If you don’t, find out! Having this insight into the vision and purpose of your business provides a platform for articulating your real point of difference.

The next step is to clearly and consistently articulate that difference so both your staff and customers understand it.

Businesses that understand and effectively communicate what makes them difference create powerful brands that cut through the noise of today’s highly competitive market.

So, what makes you different? And is it making a difference?

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