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From FTS to Atturra, a new name in tech services 

Embodying transformation through leadership, Atturra signals the start of something, a stirring of countless parts moving in harmonic unison, a symphony unlocking uncharted waves of potential and opportunity 

The Task

To unite a national multi-brand business communication platform: We’ll lead you there. FTS Group has a history of acquiring disparate businesses across the IT Services value chain.


Accumulating multiple brands across different locations and cultures, uberbrand was given the opportunity to create cohesion through branding.


This included a fresh new name and brand identity – Atturra, an onomatopoeia of the change. We collaborated with their leadership to deliver brand strategy, a series of print and digital assets and collateral. This transformation has been a major contributor to the brand’s continued growth, a successful IPO and increasing revenue.

Strategy & Identity

We needed a name that people felt attracted to and gave a sense of belonging.

Atturra spoke to our tribe, embodying the spirit of leadership. An onamatopoeia of what transformation sounds like. Attracted to the idea, helped enable the shift, people became attracted to the name and culture, belonging to this tribe.

The brand identity of Atturra centres on the concept of ‘Tapestry of Movement’. A visual system designed with succinct compenents that complement and elevate the brand’s philosophy on transformation.

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