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Calix came to uberbrand with an amazing portfolio of products undermined by a brand that didn’t do their work justice. This award-winning Australian company needed a face to match their important work making global industries more sustainable and environmentally friendly

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uberbrand Solution

Isolating the problem to find the solution


Both visually and verbally, it was quickly established that Calix were too product and technology focused in their communications. This made for a confusing and limited experience for their audience, trying to untangle what they do from a forest of dry information.


Where in the past it was easy to be bogged down in the granular details, Calix needed to adopt a more holistic approach. The major benefits of the brand needed to be given the spotlight, through a friendly and open style that their audience could understand and relate to. Driving the strategy to go from tech to human and from product to solutions.

Design to match potential


The new designs would make the revised brand more aspirational. A logo was developed to encapsulate Calix’s work towards a healthier, more balanced world, as well as their standing as global leaders in their field. This took the form of an abstract cross section of Earth, displaying crust and core.


This new logo then became the framework for a versatile device as our work moved into the overall visual identity. Earthy, natural tones became the basis for a colour palette to represent Calix products, overarching brand and the benefits they bring. These colours – as well as images selected following a unique new photography style – could be combined with the logo to create a striking communicative and creative effect across collateral.

The Results

Digital solutions to share the message


Our digital team helped Calix present their new brand, existing information and product suite in a way that would achieve the best results online. This was achieved through collaboration on a fresh website.


An information hierarchy was established that would lead to a smoother, more intuitive User Experience. This allowed the website to go from what was effectively an information database to an effective sales tool.


Through selecting the important information, organising this in a digestible way and guiding the user through it in a more structured and sensical way, Calix was in a position to turn more leads into clients. Meanwhile, their new brand was given the best platform to shine within the digital sphere.

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