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The objective: enhance the brand's awareness and valued position in people's minds without undermining its legacy

This delicate balance between respect for the past and the drive for future relevance is at the heart of this brand evolution.

Market Research Insights and Strategy:

The approach taken was informed by extensive market research, which revealed that the strongest visual attributes of the brand resided in its logo. Therefore our approach needed to enhance the Clean Up Australia brand identity while expanding its appeal and relevance. This made it clear that rather than a complete redesign, it made more sense to embellish, support, reinforce, and elevate the existing logo with a stronger visual language around it – a practical application of the concept of degrees of change.

Design Inspiration and Execution:

Drawing inspiration from various design movements, we embarked on crafting an identity that would feel both fresh and familiar. The first step involved dissecting the logo’s components and elevating them within a design system that also allows for future evolution. The result is a brand identity that not only respected Clean Up Australia’s heritage but also positioned it as a forward-looking, dynamic organization ready to meet future challenges.


We embarked on crafting an identity that would feel both fresh and familiar. The first step involved dissecting the logo’s components with the aim of elevating them. The logo, being well recognised, served as an anchor. Rather than reinventing, we chose to elevate and enrich, a decision that required us to understand each component of the logo.


Our inspiration drew from a broad spectrum of design movements, each chosen for their ability to communicate specific attributes of the Clean Up Australia ethos. The boldness and immediacy of mid-century poster art inspired us to create visuals that could capture attention and convey messages with clarity and urgency. 

The adaption of raw functionality from brutalism helped establish a design system that stood  out for its straightforwardness, mirroring the organization’s direct approach to communicating its vision. And the rule-breaking spirit of anti-design echoed Clean Up Australia’s willingness to challenge the status quo.


With these inspirations in mind, we set out to create a visual language that was both fresh and familiar. The new design system was crafted to not just support the existing logo but to elevate it, putting it on a pedestal, so to speak. This involved choosing bold colors that drew attention while remaining true to the brand’s core identity. Strong typefaces were selected to convey a sense of confidence and ambition, attributes synonymous with Clean Up Australia’s mission.


The creation of individual artworks inspired by the logo’s elements allowed us to tell a richer story. By accentuating the handwritten type, we emphasized the personal commitment of its volunteers; by brightening the colors, we reflected the organization’s optimism and energy. The stylized drawing of the map of Australia was replicated to foster a deeper connection with not only the icon but its purpose, and the rays of sunlight were made more prominent to symbolize hope and renewal.

The rollout of the refreshed identity was strategic, designed to reintroduce Clean Up Australia to the public in a way that pays homage to its past while signalling an optimistic readiness for the future​

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