The continuation of a legacy in the face of change

Since its beginnings in 1989, the Clean Up Australia brand has grown into a widely recognised icon. But times are changing. Our task was to renew and enhance the brand’s awareness, without forgoing the current position it holds in the minds of many, or undermining its legacy. At the heart of this brand evolution lies the delicate balance between respect for the past, and the drive for future relevance.


Clean-up Australia




Brand strategy, tone of voice, visual identity, asset templates, brand shoot

Market Research & Insights Strategy
Our strategy was informed by extensive market research, which revealed that brand’s strongest visual attributes were anchored in its logo. Instead of a complete redesign, our approach involved enhancing the current Clean Up Australia brand identity, and elevating the existing logo with a stronger visual language – a practical application of the concept of degrees of change.

Drawing inspiration from various design movements, we embarked on crafting an identity that would feel both fresh and familiar. We dissected the logo and, rather than reinventing, we chose to enrich, elevating the components within a design system that allows for future evolution. Using bold colours and strong typefaces, the creation of individual artworks inspired by the logo’s elements allowed us to tell a richer story. The result is a brand identity that not only respects Clean Up Australia’s heritage but also positions it as a dynamic organisation, ready to meet future challenges.

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