Connected Workplaces specialises in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for designing and constructing laboratories and supporting workplaces.


Connected Workplaces


Office fitouts


Brand strategy, tone of voice, visual identity, asset templates, brand shoot

Brand Strategy
The identity is shaped by a strategic approach emphasising technical beauty.

Our strategy begins with an inside-out perspective, prioritising essential elements that shape our identity. We focus on creating spaces that foster collaboration, seamless flow, and daily goal achievement. The strategy revolves around being a turnkey solution that ensures risk-free, timely, and budget-conscious delivery. This inside-out viewpoint places the function of the space at the forefront.

Connected Workplaces positions itself as a standalone brand, competing on technical expertise across diverse spaces. This strategy not only informs our visual identity but also underscores our commitment to providing unparalleled workplace solutions.

The inspiration for our brand’s visual identity stems from a seamless blend of structure and flow. The logo’s shapes serve as a foundation, framing and guiding the flow within a space. Our colour palette features a calming steel blue, symbolising our commitment to alleviating stress for our clients.

Additionally, highlighter yellow represents the high visibility we maintain over projects. Front-facing imagery showcases people actively engaged in their workplaces, illustrating the natural flow within a space. Meanwhile, top-down 3D floorplan renders emphasise the structural elements of our designs.

The Results
The culmination of our efforts is a visual identity where each creative element carries meaning, aligning with the brand’s core message.

The look and feel authentically represents Connected Workplaces, both within and beyond its category. This cohesive identity enables the brand to assert its presence in the market, truly owning its space.

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