Pioneers of game-changing infrastructure to empower individuals and SMEs with fast, cost-effective and more accessible foreign exchange transfers, Flash FX embarked on a significant shift into business payments for larger financial institutions and payment services providers. We were tasked with bringing their brand up to speed.


Flash Payments




Brand strategy, tone of voice, visual identity, asset templates, brand shoot

The Task
We showcased their new status as a credible payment company and signalled a broader range of services with a new name: Flash Payments. We reconstructed their mission, shifting the emphasis from ‘transaction speed’ to the ‘velocity at which businesses operate’ and defined their brand promise of “Payments in Action.”

The entire brand system drew inspiration from the speed of modern business: the momentum of growth and maintaining pace with business velocity. The brand came to life through chevrons in motion, representing instant payments that work at the speed of business.

To differentiate Flash Payments’ expanded offering, including FX transfers and payment services, we developed a product colour system and iconography that connects B2C and B2B customers to the most suitable solutions.

The Results
Living primarily online, the brand needed to bolster its capabilities with a website aligned to a digitally native payment company. Uberband delivered UX design, creating website templates and product iconography components. This brand work supported a 1,300% volume growth in local payment and account services.

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