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From scaling Fintech to National Lending Brand

MoneyMe is a digital financial service company that designed their bespoke, tech-driven platform to meet evolving digital lending needs with fast, easy solutions. MoneyMe approached uberbrand to help them broaden their appeal for key target audience: Millennials

uberbrand Solution  

We repositioned the brand to capture the energetic and passionate spirit shared by the company and its audience with a revived brand framework, new personality and brand architecture. 

The updated logo embodied the innovative, dynamic nature of the brand with a new typeface, capital letters and a forward slant, brought to life through a lime and dark green colour palette. 

2022 Re-launch awareness campaign - “Backing your ambitions” 2023 Building equity, realising the potential - “Money for every moment”

2022: To launch the brand to the target market and create an impact, we painted the town in a lime green. Bold branding and messaging around ‘backing your ambitions’ signalled that MoneyMe had arrived.


2023: MoneyMe’s follow up campaign expanded on communications and focused on capturing key moments in life where having access to money would make things possible. 

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