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An investment manager that truly cares

Pendal is a group of independent, global investment managers focused on helping more people experience the outcomes of good investment

They approached uberbrand to reposition the brand and communicate with their audience effectively and engagingly

We set out to deliver a broad-reaching campaign that would cut through the clamorous noise.


It was clear from the beginning that Pendal was ready to challenge the industry. With a close look at the market and through the process of building out the brand story, we realised it had to be in a supportive way.


And so, we aimed to give their key audience – advisors – the morale boost that was so sorely needed. This marriage of confidence and care led to the essence of “Brave”, which would guide the creative process.

We developed the tagline The future is worth investing and it became our platform for everything.


The creative ‘big idea’ had to turn heads and make headlines.


The idea was ‘What are you #Invested in?’ allowed us to put the work that financial advisors do – guiding people towards a better tomorrow – in the spotlight. By giving advisors a voice we gave Pendal a voice and position that cut-through.

The Result

The hero video would provide the manifesto and framework for a broader campaign. This took the form of an inspiring script read by renowned Australian actor David Wenham. Meanwhile, we saw images of several ‘real’ financial advisors preparing for their days ¬– a metaphor for the future ahead. The piece closed with these individuals standing together beside Wenham, who asked the audience: “What are you invested in?”



On a bespoke landing page created by our digital team, six additional videos were published that introduced the advisors from the hero video (and others) in detail. They shared stories of how they’ve helped clients live better lives and gave insight into their values, concluding with the line “I’m invested”.



This content was then disseminated appropriately across social channels. In addition, internal Pendal staff were encouraged to share what they’re #Invested in, using the campaign hashtag.

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