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A new energy retail player, Powerclub came to uberbrand with a revolutionary offer that needed to be positioned in a highly competed category. Powerclub were able to create and launch a brand, to challenge the status quo in an industry plagued by inertia and discontent






Brand strategy, tone of voice, visual identity, asset templates, brand shoot

Brand Strategy
The initial phases included undertaking deep research to intersect Powerclub’s proposition with consumer tensions in a competitive space. This included strategic reviews, in-depth interviews and focus groups, the findings of which would drive the overall strategy.

The process showed that the energy industry is marred with negativity. Consumers are confused and fed up; they just want to get a fair deal. We realised that by simply being upfront, Powerclub would break industry norms. This helped us to form Powerclub’s strategic objectives and brand purpose, while informing its attributes and personality traits.

From here, a brief for the brand identity was developed, to translate the strategy into something a consumer could digest.

With a primary focus on ‘Australian households’, the creative was designed to encapsulate the core idea, “giving Aussies a fair go”, applying a lively, friendly, insightful and authentic tone.

The visual identity was designed following the same principles. A new logo was created that demonstrates the friendly, welcoming nature while communicating the product through category symbols.

A lively, authentic photography style was selected, showcasing ‘real life’ through relatable situations. The final piece was an overall creative platform to tie it all together: “Save your energy for life”.

Brand Identity
In order to gain as much insight as possible before taking Powerclub to the broader market, a quantitative research study was undertaken to understand how consumers switch energy providers. This helped us select both the key audiences and campaign tactics to make the biggest impact.

Doing so informed a prelaunch campaign executed in Sydney’s Hills District. The area was carefully chosen due to a demographic concentration of middle-class households – the primary target audience.

The campaign allowed us to road-test our creative to find out what worked most effectively before the official launch. AB testing was conducted on social media channels for both imagery and messaging.

To pre-build and bank content, branded events and competitions were conducted to grow a following that could be built upon later. Content created to support these activities meant that the social accounts were already populated (with both always-on and hero content) when the rest of Australia was invited to engage. Taking this approach prepared us to hit the broader market with a brand that felt both legitimate and compelling.

The Results
Awareness – 30% of all search traffic was organic
Brand health – 750% spike in Facebook followers
Acquisition – 10% intent-to-acquisition efficiency
Loyalty – 100% five-star rating on Google Review

A great result – in no time at all.

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