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Transforming Australia's Largest Skills Provider

TAFE NSW is one of Australia's oldest and most integrated institutions in the educational landscape. Operating under 11 semi-autonomous institutes, each institute had its own branding, courses, and services, leading to a fragmented brand landscape.

To strategically align Metrics’ brand with its evolving business model and diverse offerings, enhancing its market positioning and facilitating future growth, whilst simplifying the brand to make it more compelling and easier to understand.


The challenge was multi-layered, involving not just brand differentiation but also articulating Metrics’ complex investment strategies in context to a diverse client base. This required a brand architecture that could be both extensible and scalable, and applicable across various facets of the business. Additionally, it needed to make that architecture come to life in a brand identity system that could be interpreted and applied.

The approach

The objective for uberbrand was to unite the 11 institutes under the One TAFE brand, transforming TAFE NSW from a ‘Plan B’ to a ‘Plan A.’ This transformation was encapsulated in the bold, dynamic tagline “Be Ambitious,” aimed at reinvigorating its relevance in the educational sector and making it a formidable competitor against smaller, more agile providers.


uberbrand focused on uniting the 11 institutes under a bold and dynamic One TAFE brand identity. The strategy was to make TAFE NSW Australia’s first-choice educator, bridging the divide between skills and education.

Sub-brands were built against specific consumer types, including school leavers, upskillers, SMEs, enterprises, and Aboriginal audiences. An integrated digital brand, TAFE Digital, was also developed to consolidate disparate online services under the One TAFE objective. A specialized brand targeting Aboriginal communities was also developed, emphasizing the inclusivity of the One TAFE strategy.


The approach ensured that every decision made was “on-brand,” aligning with the overarching strategy. This included all communications and in-market activities, ensuring a seamless connection between audience needs and organizational objectives.

The One TAFE strategy transformed TAFE NSW into a unified, formidable skills provider, reinvigorating the institution and repositioning it as a "Plan A" for students.

High-impact marketing campaigns were executed, including OOH, transit, TVC, PR, digital, and trade media. Highly targeted programmatic and video content were used for engagement, along with lead nurturing, retargeting, and drip email campaigns for conversion.


The One TAFE brand successfully repositioned TAFE NSW, making it a ‘Plan A’ for a wide range of students and business partners, from school leavers to upskillers, enterprises, and Aboriginal communities.


The strategic alignment paved the way for significant growth and increased relevance in the educational sector, preventing TAFE from fading into irrelevance.


An extra 1 million consumers began studying with TAFE NSW, and there was a 49% increase in TAFE NSW brand search, indicating a successful shift in public perception.

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