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The Task

As the social care agency of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Broken Bay, CatholicCare needed a more intuitive and relevant digital footprint.

They believe that their community should be empowered to make decisions to help them live a positive and fulfilling life. And as such, their website needed to reflect this.

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Strategy & Identity

As part of the process to rethink the way that CatholicCare presented themselves online, we had to plan out a discovery workshop with the senior leadership team. The result of this workshop was clearly defined customer journeys that then informed the structure of the new website.


CatholicCare also had two separate websites that needed to be merged to represent their full scope of work. This required a careful consideration of sitemaps, content, internal linking and website goals to ensure users were able to locate the pages they were looking for, in the easiest way possible.

After the launch of the refreshed website, organic and direct traffic are on a steady rise month after month. The improved user interface along with a clear hierarchy of content has also improved user engagement.

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