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Providing further value to their community

As larger players in the aged and healthcare sector focus on building their empires and subscale, while emerging specialists are focusing on sustainability, CCW is ‘right sized’. Neither too big nor too small, CCW garners national reach with local impact, enabling themselves to provide real value in their community

The Task

The thinking


Our first step in communicating this was to shift CCW’s brand perception from that of a generalist care provider to a specialist. This was achieved by establishing new personality traits as a professional, committed, generous and brave brand. Further accentuated through a dynamic new brand identity.


The outcome


The new CWW logo has been carefully crafted to reflect the brand’s essence and links to presence and connection, reinforcing kindness and thoughtfulness through a smile. Combined with a friendly geometric font, that’s confident but comforting, allowing CCW to broaden the use of its visual identity.

A bright primary colour palette reflects Catholic Care’s benefits, while the secondary colours give the brand a friendly look and feel, working in harmony with the warmer primary colours.

The use of dots act as a device to represent people and the stages in their lives, while succinctly designed icons represent life paths. This iconography consists of simple lines and open shapes to confer approachability and friendliness.

The Result

A beautiful brand identity that communicates Catholic Care Wollongong’s new positioning, enabling them to provide further value to their community.

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