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Powering Business

The Task

Having developed and setup the Octet brand, uberbrand shifted into taking it to market. With the goal of helping more Australian SMEs do better business, Octet needed to establish awareness and understanding.


A B2B business with a complex offering including specialist finance products and a proprietary tech platform, the challenge was delivering Octet’s message in a digestible and engaging way.


Content Planning

SMEs make business decisions differently to consumers. There are often a range of business influencers involved, all with their own unique needs.


Therefore, it was important to design a content plan that placed the right message with the right audience, at the right time. Given this, LinkedIn was chosen as a key channel for disseminating content.


From a strategic point of view, it was essential from the outset to ensure that we met our target audience at every level through the marketing funnel.


With the visual and verbal identities fully fleshed out, the foundation was laid for Octet to showcase its brand. Systematically integrating the brand identity into every piece of their communications maintained a sense of continuity and relevance throughout.


Campaigning the brand

Under the campaign creative idea, “Powering Business”, a range of assets were created. These included downloadables, video content, wins and explainers designed to demonstrate how Octet truly deliver on the strategic intent of seeing more Australian SMEs grow.


Presenting the stories of some key clients, these testimonials demonstrated how the Octet platform brings power to businesses. Further, this approach allowed Octet to leverage brand equity and experience a brand halo from their client partners’ brands.

Content creation

As part of the campaign – and to position Octet as thought leaders in their industry – we created hero pieces in the form of a high-value content series, also named Powering Business.


Each piece of long-form content sought to bring value to existing and potential clients by sharpening a key area in their business skill-set. Bringing authority to the content required heavy research, including interviews with experts in relevant fields such as negotiation and influence. Readers could access the guide by entering their email, opening up an opportunity to collect longer-term leads.


The hero pieces were fragmented into smaller, snackable assets for sharing on LinkedIn, driving Octet’s audience to the overarching content. These activities were further supported by more “salesy”, bottom-funnel posts. In this way, Octet have been enabled to get the most from their marketing spend.


Sharing the Octet brand narrative

Beyond disseminating Powering Business themed content, Octet publishes regularly on social media to cover the complete marketing funnel.


This includes video content introducing the company and its leaders in an engaging way, as well as commentary on current issues affecting their industry (top of funnel). It also features regular hygiene content to showcase Octet’s ongoing work, processes and their expert team (middle funnel).


By filling their social channels with diverse, sleek, platform-native content that covers the marketing funnel from top to bottom, Octet has created a universe that makes them a dynamic brand to follow.


Through leveraging their brand, Octet demonstrate that there’s no reason that a B2B business can’t be engaging and exciting in their marketing activities. That’s how Octet are setting an example that goes beyond the category.

The Results

In the first 6 months of taking Octet’s brand to market, the leading indicators of brand performance showed impressive numbers.


– Awareness was measured with a grand total of 380,478 native views of video content.


– Brand Health was full of vigour, demonstrated by a massive 2860% increase in social engagement alone.


– Worth noting, too, was the published Acquisition of over 10 new clients with an average facility of 2 million dollars.


– Finally, Brand Loyalty was shown to improve dramatically, with a published increase of over $22m in incremental revenue.


Key takeaway

Following the fundamental steps of Brand Performance, Octet have used strategy, founded upon research and insights, to hit their audience where it matters. They demonstrated value by understanding their current and future clients by delivering interesting and useful content for relevant businesses. In doing so, they used their brand identity and communications guidelines to connect their activities and build their brand further.


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