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It’s what’s inside that counts

PregnancyChef offers an exciting variety of prepared meals designed by dieticians and chefs, optimised for every stage of early motherhood. The company approached uberbrand to help bring their brand to life through visual communications.

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uberbrand Solution  

Strategy – it’s what’s inside that counts


While being a singularly significant time for women, pregnancy and early motherhood are a delicate time.


So, while piecing together brand and campaign strategy for PregnancyChef, uberbrand conducted extensive research. This was part of a process that ensured we appealed to our audience in a way that demonstrated understanding, authenticity and genuine support.

Visual Identity – letting goodness shine out


“It’s what’s inside that counts” became the tagline as our work passed from strategic to creative. This statement anchored every aspect of a new Visual Identity.

A colour palette was selected to reflect the rich variety of nourishing ingredients found in Pregnancy Chef dishes.


This was supported by illustrations and font that captured a sense of maternal love and care within every dish, while photography direction provided beautiful additional marketing imagery.

The Results

Pregnancy Chef have now officially launched, with a diverse range of 19 meals that look, feel and taste delicious, inside and out.

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