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Fuelled by immigration, Liverpool City brings together a diverse array of cultures and skills.

The Task

Taxi1 is a driver-focused platform provides drivers with industry leading commissions and a straight-forward payment solution, that’s designed to support and reward drivers. The brains behind Taxi1 are a collection of former executives from major taxi and innovation companies, whose goal was to bring support and focus to taxi drivers.


The founders of Taxi1 approached uberbrand as a start-up, looking for an agency to craft their brand and assist them with launch. When crafting key messaging for Taxi1 we placed the drivers at the heart of our thinking. The primary audience consisted of older immigrants, who had typically come to Australia from the likes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Middle East, with the intention of making a better living for themselves and their families.

Strategy & Identity

Due to the rapid digitalisation of taxi industry with the rise of ride-sharing apps, many drivers were finding themselves neglected and left behind, as the industry advanced around them.

We needed to establish Taxi1’s position in the market as the service that could bridge the gap between traditional and digital services. Providing drivers with the support they require, as their needs evolve.

Pushing a digital-only platform would likely alienate much of Taxi1’s user-base, as taxi drivers can be reluctant to move with technology, Taxi1 fills this gap with a product that’s easy accessible to all.


We established a strong verbal identity, tone of voice and key messages, as well as crafting Taxi1’s logo, delivering a strong visual identity and brand guidelines.

The Taxi1 logo is inspired by the idea of a two-way street employing two hidden arrows within the negative space around the X. This is paired with the brand’s bright green hero-colour, complimented by a deep navy and neutral greys.

A dynamic photographic style propels the brand’s sense of agility and movement, staying on brand with the same green as the logo, while a series of simple icons and illustrations bring different iconographic elements together to tell a story.

Taxi1 is now in market with a beautiful brand that cuts through the noise, enhancing Taxi 1’s driver experience, ensuring that their users feel included and enabled to earn a good living without unnecessary hassle.


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