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Agitators of change; Content businesses are being disrupted

Donald Trump made it into the White House on the back of a campaign run on Twitter. Media fragmentation is disrupting traditional content businesses

The Task

Terrapinn is a global event business that’s been encouraging commerce across the globe for almost 30 years.


Taking a holistic view, we reviewed the entire events marketplace to understand what’s been happening in the world of events and the implications on Terrapinn’s positioning.

With emerging event activities driving change in the traditional event space. From the growth of vendor based content like Salesforce Live to community orientated content like TED and TEDx amongst many others.


Taking this into account, we established how Terrapinn could competitively position itself within this context. This drove the development of the brand strategy and communications platform to help it bring the whole thing together.

Strategy & Identity

Under a new refreshed logo, visual identity and tagline, “Spark Something” the organization is better equipped to remain relevant as agitators of change in the markets it operates.

We redesigned their digital ecosystem with a new master website based on a core user experience focused on driving customer uptake.


We also provided comprehensive guidelines for how each office around the globe for managing and implementing the brand and brand identity.

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