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Leading national law-firm, Turner Freeman, worked with uberbrand to create and roll out a major campaign designed to shake up category norms associated with the legal industry

The Task

Deep category and consumer insights were established to inform a distinctive campaign identity and creative direction. Reviewing the category norms, we uncovered certain visual and verbal cues that law firms tend to use (and use and use…) in their marketing.


Visually, we saw that legal advertising almost always features either lawyers themselves or legal instruments, perhaps to demonstrate authority. This then tends to be supported by messaging in a similar vein, with language following an “on your side”, “us vs. them” approach.


Both of these trends focused on the legal firm, rather than on the people they serve. There was little in the way of language empowering the individual. So, we saw this as interesting, relevant and powerful territory to work within.


An audience-related insight further cemented this strategy. We discovered that many people in the position to file a legitimate legal claim don’t do so, as the foreseen stress seems like more than the process is worth. This effect on emotional and even physical wellbeing not only applies to the person considering a lawyer, but also their families.

Strategy & Identity

We needed to both inspire our audience to pursue the legal process and inspire confidence from them in choosing Turner Freeman. Thus “Take Action”, our new tagline, was born. A play on legal jargon, “Take Action” is also a powerful CTA, embodying a confident tone of voice. In two short words, we encapsulated our over-arching mission: to give every Australian hope that no matter what challenge life throws their way, Turner Freeman is determined to fight for them.


The same message was communicated through a newly developed visual language. Contrary to norms within the legal sector, we would not show lawyers or legal instruments like gavels in our campaign. Instead, hands of a person wearing a suit would be used as a metonym for legal professionals.

Beginning with the first of two TVCs, the campaign also included 15, 10 and 6 second digital and social executions, 30 second radio advertisements, high-impact bus formats and extensive digital display assets, along with a suite of accompanying brand and product literature.


Building on deep insights, they delivered a fresh creative approach across platforms, while building a brand for performance – with both immediacy and longevity.

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