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Breaking into new markets with a bang

UnionPay, brought on uberbrand to create content that could take them from their key market of China to new frontiers across the Pacific

The Task

The process began with an in-depth evaluation of the market to see how UnionPay stacks up and how they could differentiate from their competitors. This was crucial, as Unionpay’s success in the Pacific region rested on their ability to convince consumers to actively choose them over providers they naturally default to.


The single-minded proposition that fell out of our strategic work – for both B2C and B2B audiences – was simple: UnionPay lets you access a whole new world of payments.

Strategy & Identity

The creative direction sees the visual device of hands interacting with illustration, in both stills and videos. Symbolic of the capability, these hands – enabled through the magic of UnionPay – would interact with a fantastical illustrated world taking place within various payment methods.


We would witness scenes like ice-cream sundaes materialise out of phone screens or the tapping of smartwatches transforming an ordinary hand into a manicured, bejewelled one – all thanks to UnionPay.

A labour-intensive and meticulous technique, stop-motion animation brought the vision to life. The multitudinous stills were then illustrated over in post-production, creating the defining character that would encapsulate Unionpay’s ‘new world of payments’.


The final piece of the puzzle was dynamic sound design, with complimentary effects like the sound of a plane taking off above a boarding pass and ice-cubes rattling around in a drink added further flair to already vibrant content pieces.

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