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Charles Sturt University (CSU) is one of Australia’s largest regional universities

As one of the first providers of distance learning in Australia, CSU wanted to ensure it was considered by students seeking higher education outside its traditional catchment areas whilst reinforcing its unique selling proposition.

Strategy & Identity

The Thinking

Deeply understanding the CSU brand provided the platform for a creative concept that would emotionally connect it to audiences in a universal way.

Once established, the challenge was to reach non-traditional audiences at a national level with minimal media spend.


uberbrand designed an approach to media that drove prospect to conversion and enrolments. The approach identified key catchment areas and corridors that would provide the greatest ROI.


Working closely with a media buyer, we created a process to purchase distressed media assets against a matrix of criteria.

Driving value at both strategic & tactical level

We created an engaging, universal creative idea to get cut-through on channels and mediums that delivered enrolment results.


The post-campaign research showed minimal wear out of the advertising, allowing CSU to continue to run with the creative for another 24 months.

The Results

Centred on the communications platform ‘curiosity’, uberbrand created various above-the-line campaigns including TVCs, press ads, billboards and transit.


Through this campaign, CSU was able to create lasting connections with their audiences and unite their stakeholders under a common vision.

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