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Moving with change

Montefiore puts the focus on creating homes, not institutions

The Task

Sir Moses Monte ore Jewish Home is a world-class aged care provider and is arguably the leader in Australia, as a not-for-profit and charitable organisation with a rich heritage spanning nearly 130 years.


Montefiore puts the focus on creating homes, not institutions. Offering residential living, help at home and luxury independent living along with, foundation and partnership work.

Breaking the Inertia

uberbrand needed to ensure that the Montefiore brand remains relevant and competitive as the service offering evolves in line with shifts in demand.


As one of the longest running aged care providers, inertia had set in, Montefiore needed to be seen as the best choice by the Jewish community, not the only choice.


Doing this involved making the community feel proud to have Montefiore there for them. To do this, Montefiore needed to be understood.

People may be getting older, but they don’t like to think of themselves as aged. They also crave options and they seek out ones that help them live a good life, especially when they get older. This is a driving force of Montefiore – to offer a wider range of services.


This helps them appeal to a wider audience, ensuring their brand is relevant and effective.

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