Brand Design Services

Crystallising your brand

From initial brand development through to ongoing brand management, we deliver meaningful strategies to inform compelling design.

Your unique visual and brand identities are created to drive real business impact. That’s how we help organisations connect their purpose to who they are and what they do, everyday.

Brand Research

Your brand is simply a perception. At uberbrand, we begin our work by discerning how people think of you, using this as the basis for our brand strategy – how we want them to think about you. It takes diving into your audiences, markets and competitive landscape, through a range of market research techniques and methodologies.

Brand Strategy

The role of brand strategy and planning is to translate business objectives into actionable, communicable outcomes. Our brand models help define that singular idea of who and what you are. We can then use this essence to drive what you look like, what you say and what you do.

Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio

By working closely with our clients, we make sense of their brands from product and service level through to group level.

In cases where there have been mergers or acquisitions, we help our clients understand how these additions affect their business, creating pathways for integrating newly acquired brands.

Propositions and messaging

We work with you to understand your audience, who you are and your offer to customers, within the context of your objectives. This forms the basis of a strong value proposition that can help you reach your audiences and achieve your goals.

From this point of departure, we formulate key messages that communicate your brand to your audience in the most effective way possible.

Naming and Taglines

Our naming approach rationalises the selection process by minimizing subjectivity. Inspired by brand strategy, we arrive at a moniker that provides the best platform for meaning, is unique, ownable and creates cut through.

As a parallel or separate service, we develop taglines for clients that encapsulate their brand in one short, punchy statement.

Logo and Visual Identity

A brand identity is constructed from a set of component parts. It includes brand devices, photographic styles, imagery, iconography and typography. We apply a brand-led philosophy to logo and visual identity development, providing clients with a range of options that reflect the brand purpose and essence.

Anchored by strategy, we thoughtfully design and bring these elements together into visual identity systems that are tested, effective and applicable across all brand touchpoints.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines document and define how each aspect of a brand should be expressed. They outline how the brand will be presented to each audience across touch-points.

We develop brand guidelines so that the elements used to represent the brand can be managed with consistency and precision.

Branded templates and rollout

As the creators of your brand’s visual identity, our design team is in the best position to apply it across all communications touch points, including collateral, websites, advertising, interiors and signage.

We can, as part of this service, also take care of the ongoing management and implementation of brands across all touchpoints – from developing the requirements through to organising and delivering assets, on time and within budget.

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